Adam Rezich

programmer, designer, game enthusiast



A 2D side-scrolling action game created at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Created from scratch in C++, I designed the underlying component-based architecture of the game engine and how its different systems communicate, and also designed and implemented some of the gameplay (in JavaScript).

Unending Bonus

A pseudo-3D arcade-style shooter created at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Game School Simulator 2015

A simple 2D management sim created at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Created nearly from scratch in C (using DigiPen's proprietary "Alpha Engine" library for graphics calls), I designed the underlying architecture of the game engine.

Super Magical Jumping Dude

A simple 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer created at DigiPen Institute of Technology.


Infinite Bonus / Kuma

Infinite Bonus is my currently-in-progress recreation of Unending Bonus using Kuma, my own from-scratch game engine that is being developed along with the game.


Experiment to teach myself online gameplay synchronization methods, game engine architecture, and vector graphic drawing systems.


Attempt at creating a rival to Dotabuff, a Dota 2 player stats tracker. Eventually ceased progress once it became apparent that several database servers would be necessary to compete with Dotabuff.


Brief experiment in creating a Dark Souls-inspired browser-based roguelike with asynchronous multiplayer elements.


Early attempt at creating a roguelike in C# using libtcod.


Almost Illustrated

A website I made for my roommates' band years ago that isn't the worst thing anyone's ever made.



All the projects I've started, learned something from, and then abandoned.


From time to time I write about programming, design, or games.