Adam Rezich

programmer, designer, game enthusiast



A 2D side-scrolling action game created at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Created from scratch in C++, I designed the underlying component-based architecture of the game engine and how its different systems communicate, and also designed and implemented some of the gameplay (in JavaScript).

Unending Bonus

A pseudo-3D arcade-style shooter created at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Game School Simulator 2015

A simple 2D management sim created at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Created nearly from scratch in C (using DigiPen's proprietary "Alpha Engine" library for graphics calls), I designed the underlying architecture of the game engine. There's also a "making-of" video to go along with it.

Super Magical Jumping Dude

A simple 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer created at DigiPen Institute of Technology.



A video game where you play as a systems technician who is using a command-line interface to re-establish communications with the manned International Lunar Research Base and figure out what went wrong in the first place.

Infinite Bonus / Kuma

Infinite Bonus is my currently-in-progress recreation of Unending Bonus using Kuma, my own from-scratch game engine that is being developed along with the game.

Rain Game (working title)

Focusing on aesthetics over gameplay for the first time, Rain Game is an adventure game (probably?) with a focus on atmosphere.


Experiment to teach myself online gameplay synchronization methods, game engine architecture, and vector graphic drawing systems.


Attempt at creating a rival to Dotabuff, a Dota 2 player stats tracker. Eventually ceased progress once it became apparent that several database servers would be necessary to compete with Dotabuff.


Brief experiment in creating a Dark Souls-inspired browser-based roguelike with asynchronous multiplayer elements.


Early attempt at creating a roguelike in C# using libtcod.


Almost Illustrated

A website I made for my roommates' band years ago that isn't the worst thing anyone's ever made.



All the projects I've started, learned something from, and then abandoned.

Any current small hobby game projects I'm working on are posted here.


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From time to time I write about programming, design, or games.


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